Got Hot Sauce on Our Racks

It’s that time of the year again! When shows take full effect before the summer sun beats down and most of us are forced to stay indoors until September. The aesthetics for our pop-ups have always had a rustic flair with the use of our vintage Samsonites. The luggage followed us to every show and endured the unimaginable- rain, sun and pounds upon pounds of t-shirts. So naturally they’re a little haggered. We had to scramble and come up with a solution that would benefit both us and you- the customer. For awhile we’ve thought about revamping our aesthetic to make our mobile shop one that’s clean and inviting.  Enter Hiyme Walter. He is a local industrial engineer who produces amazing work for designers and clients of his own. Hiyme produced two identical clothing racks that would put your department store racks to shame! They’re great, functional and exactly what we envisioned as we take our company in a new direction. Hope to see you at one of our events within the next few weeks! Big Texas Thanks!

Joey & Jaime

Joey Garza
Joey Garza


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